Purdy's Petting Zoo

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We will re-open in the Spring 2012


Purdy's School Furniture

Purdy’s School Furniture  is  a reseller of  an innovative  company  specializing  in  the  design   and manufacture of  furniture for technology environments.  Their expertise lies in designing and producing computer and multimedia furniture for use in classrooms and other instructional environments.

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Purdy's ATV

(4 Wheelers, Go-Carts , Motor Cycles & the "Tonga" 800cc 4X4's)
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Prestigious Gifts & Designs
We specialize in selling personalized gifts. Which may include mouse pads, ribbon watches, picture cookies, picture watches, Picture throws, screen printing, designer purses, dog print purses, toile purses, coffee mugs, Fashions Handbags, picture handbags, designer inspired, pet carriers, totes
, Luggage, We carry a wide variety of toile and Pokka Dot items.
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Purdy's Screen Printing & Signs
By accident we are now in the screen printing and custom sign making business, We can custom design your graphic or use your current logo.  We can take the graphic and screen print shirts, jackets, mouse pads, shorts, hats etc..  Or we can take the graphic and make you a Vinyl sign, magnetic sign, banner, etc.. please call us for a quote
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ComPurdy MicroSystems is a high end custom computer manufacturer selling to individuals, small to medium sized businesses, schools and government agencies.  We specialize in assembling these high end systems with quality components at a lower cost than that typically found in the marketplace. We also offer a full range of services including Hardware Upgrades, Network Sales , Support & Solutions. Internet Web Design & Implementation, & Web Hosting.  For more info about ComPurdy MicroSystems please send Email to mpurdy@compurdy.com


ComPurdy Vs Big Bad Brand Names.

  In the past couple of weeks, we have had a few dealers telling us they could not compete with the Big Bad Brand Names on price.  The easy answer is "DON'T". They are not in your league. Do the people at BMW try to compete with Hyundai? Does Mikita try to compete with Black & Decker? Dell's Latitude doesn't even try to compete with their Inspiron.   They both have the exact same specs but the prices are hundreds of dollars apart. As a matter of fact, part of Dell's advertising is the Latitude is built to last, implying the Inspiron is not. Quality costs a little more.

  How much is quality worth? When the cheap computer breaks, how much is your time worth? Time on the phone to India, time without your computer. Time putting all that lost info back into the computer. A typical problem with most of the brand name computers goes like this: Call Tech Support. Wait on hold a few hours. Tell the tech your problem. Get the generic answer of "reformat your hard drive". Lose all the data you put in for the past 9 months. Problem remains. Call tech support again.

  I am not telling you that our computers don't fail and our tech support is instantaneous. What I can tell you is our failure rate is less than 2% versus 17 to 23% for the low end Dell , Compaq, HP and E-Machine. With your help, any problems with ComPurdy Computers can be repaired on the spot or with cross shipped parts, we even offer 24/7 Phone support and Nationwide Onsite service.

  We have the low end computers starting at $699 and we have the High End computers ranging from $900 - $1500

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