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Buying a new computer is one of the most difficult tasks to do in these days of rapidly advancing technology and fierce competition. You find yourself deluged with terms you don’t understand and every 'salesperson' tells you need something different. This document was prepared to educate you on some INTERESTING FACTS you need to know. 

I am sure you expect that the main point of this is to convince you to purchase your new PC from ComPurdy MicroSystems. Of course it is, but with that point aside; even if you never purchase anything from us, please read on for your own benefit. I promise, you won't see anything about ComPurdy MicroSystems until the end and you can skip that if you must.   

Dead On Arrival Rates When you shell out big bucks for a computer, you hope for nothing short of perfection. But if you've been around PCs for any time at all, you know the odds against it are pretty high, given the sophistication of today's hardware and the complex interaction with all types of software. We must learn to live with the occasional glitch, but we should expect them to run and be reliable. 
Unfortunately, the Computer Industry has chosen to compete on the price level to the detriment of quality. Take a look at some unbiased factual information concerning the quality and reliability of the name brand systems. A quality machine is well made, uses reputable parts and is tested thoroughly. Therefore a quality system should work when you get it. All computer builders have DOA’s (Dead On Arrival’s), but what is an acceptable level? 
failurerates.gif (3524 bytes) A valuable survey and article on this subject was done by PC Magazine which shows DOA rates for the name brands to be amazingly high and are rising each year (reference at- ZDNET , or you can request a copy from us). A sample from a chart in this article is shown to the left.
 THIS SHOWS Actual DOA rates for some of the more popular manufacturers. The actual industry figure for DOA Systems as of the time this article was written in 1997 was 12%. You also need to realize that DOA means ‘DOES NOT WORK RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!’ These systems are usually replaced, which costs you time and money and means that these numbers DO NOT ADD IN TO THE FAILURE RATES I will discuss later because a system must work before it can fail.  

This would lead you to believe that you do not get a ‘Reliable Workhorse’ when you buy a name brand system. Most people don’t realize that for the average business, the cost to the company of a system being down one day is more than the cost of a replacement system. This makes reliability and speed of service probably the greatest factor that should be considered when buying most PC’s. 

daystoresolve.gif (3152 bytes) As I stated, DOA's are not considered in calculating Failure Rates. In Windows Magazine, an article revealed the results of another survey concerning these failure rates (reference at- WinMag). In this article you will find name brand systems to have an average failure rate of about 50%. Is this acceptable? It gets worse. 


These companies entice you to buy their systems by claiming reliability first, then superiority in service if there are failures. They boast how quickly they respond and they lead you to believe that they have support staff in your area. Nothing could be further from the truth. They use service companies who may or most likely may not be familiar with your product. They quite often claim next day service. Well take a look at the chart showing the ACTUAL AVERAGE DAYS for these companies TO SOLVE A PROBLEM! The Industry Average was 19 Days! 

I must stress that I have not chosen ‘worst case scenario’s’ for this document. In fact, the ones I have chosen are the more popular brands that lean towards the better than industry average side. I urge you to view these documents for yourselves at the URL’s I have listed. Also, take the time to look at the ones to the right! 

Should this lead you to believe that buying any clone system is better than buying any name brand system? When you buy a clone you do have the ability upgrade easily, most name brands are proprietary and may not be upgraded either at all or at least for a reasonable price. Be cautious, there are good and bad clones. 

The fear that leads many people to buy name brands to begin is that if they buy a clone and they have problems, the company will no longer exist to service the warranty. I cannot discredit this fear, it is valid. New computer shops open and close everyday. They think that they can sell cheap systems and make a killing. Why not? Everybody else is. Well this is not the case. They usually find out within a 6 mo. to 1-year period and end up closing shop. They don’t foresee the overhead of operating or the costs of servicing the systems (especially cheaply made ones). They usually build the system with the cheapest parts available (which will be unreliable) and price it as if you will walk out the door and they will never see you again until you buy another system. What happens is the parts fail, they have to fix the system (a cost they did not figure in so now they are in the red). They also have to get the parts that failed replaced by their vendor. They then get failed parts replaced with ones that don’t have a full warranty on them. They re-use them as new parts and end up incurring greater losses when they fail and are out of warranty to them, but not to their customer.  

To circumvent this, you go with a well-established shop in the area. They are easy to find either by looking in the paper, or even better by finding the person you know that knows the most about computers and asking them for some names (if they don’t know have them ask around). Always get several names and then ask others what they think of these shops.  

You still have to be careful. Some shops are well established just because they sell very cheap. They used the same approach as in the example above, but they decided they wouldn’t let the customer service eat their profits. They will use cheap parts, but will let your system sit and wait until they get the bad replaced by the vendor, which could take weeks, then you could get a 'refurbished part' increasing the chances that you will have problems later.  

You need to keep in mind that you never get more than you pay for! In the computer industry, sadly, you often get less than you pay for! That is where ComPurdy MicroSystems comes in! We believe ourselves to be a truly revolutionary computer company using evolutionary techniques. 

It is hard to convince someone that you are better than all the competition, but in light of the previous discussions let me just point out a few things. In comparison to the name brands- 

  • ComPurdy Micro's DOA Rate is 1% versus the Industry Average 12%.
  • ComPurdy Micro's Failure Rate is less than 10% and going down compared to the Industry Average 50%.
  • ComPurdy Micro's Average time to Resolve a problem is 3 business days versus the Industry Average of 19 Days.

In comparison to other competitors with clone systems (by the way  CompUSA systems are clone systems), we do not have access to any statistics, if any have been kept. We, at ComPurdy, have our own opinions about each of our competitors but we would rather you form your own or get opinions from a less biased source, so I will simply give you some FACTS about ComPurdy MicroSystems and our systems- 

  • ComPurdy MicroSystems has been in the computer business for over 4 years, we have passed the longevity test.
  • At ComPurdy MicroSystems we put OUR family name on our store and our product.
  • At ComPurdy MicroSystems we use only the highest quality parts in our systems.
  • At ComPurdy MicroSystems we have the strictest quality control and longest burn in process in the business.
  • ComPurdy MicroSystems is a FULL SERVICE provider when it comes to computer technologies.  We have highly qualified technicians that enjoy their work. We offer convenient onsite service. We install and service networks. We provide businesses with website publishing services, web hosting and maintenance. We offer a variety of consulting services.  If there is anything we cannot do for you, we will get it done for you by the people best suited to do the job. We are your ONE STOP source, the ONE NUMBER you need to call. 
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